Friday, July 17, 2009

Smart Cards Hurt - 3

Resolved the problem with the Smart Card reader. After everything else failed, I tried installing the pritner and reader on the clean PC. Surprisingly, it worked. Then I tried uninstalling all drivers from my PC, restarting and reinstalling again. Unsurprisingly, it did not work (I tried doing this before).

Next thing, I decided to compare the driver versions between my PC and clean PC. And here it was - my driver said "SCM Microsystems" and the one on the clean PC said "SCM Microsystems 5.15". And, of course, the S331DICL.sys files had different dates. So, I copied the S331DICL.sys and installed the drivers again. That did not quite help though, the driver version was now the proper one, but the device version itself was not.

Why are the versions different? Only when I searched for S331DICL.sys on the whole computer I could figure out what was the most likely reason for my problem - looks like the old the driver version was installed by the 3M scanner installer. I found the old S331DICL.sys in one of the subfolders under its Program Files folder. Now, when I was installing the driver, it remembered the location and used the old file that came with the 3M scanner. So I uninstalled the 3M application, made sure that the S331DICL.sys file is deleted completely from my computer, copied over the new version and pointed to the new version of S331DICL.sys file when installing the smart card drivers. Now it finally worked.

Next thing is to actually implement communication to the smart card ...

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