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TFS Disaster

Today I was performing a 'pre-production' install of the TFS, which is different from the install I've done before. The first install had application and data tiers on the same computer, this one was supposed to have two tiers on different computers. Should be nice and easy since I have some TFS installation experience and a competent database admin to work together with.

And the first issue that I came across was that .Net Framework 2.0 is required by the TFS, but it was not installed. But how could I not list it under the prerequisites when I was writing the installation procedure document? Well, the first installation had both the SQL Server and TFS on the same computer. And the .Net Framework is a prerequisite for the SQL Server, so by the time TFS had to be installed it was present.

That was the easy part.

To be able to place Reporting Services on the same machine as the data tier, we used the advice from this article

Reporting Services Flexibility (Orcas RTM Only)

and edited the msiproperty.ini according to that advice.

Next problem we came across happened during the system health check. The following message was generated:

"The System Health Check has detected a problem that may cause Setup to fail.

SQL Server Analysis Services is not installed."

We used the workaround and happily proceeded further. That was the easy part too.

"Workaround / Remedy
SQL Server Analysis Services is a prerequisite for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2008. Install a supported version of SQL Server Analysis Services. For more information about supported versions of SQL Server and Team Foundation Server prerequisites, download the most recent version of the Team Foundation Installation Guide, which is available from the Microsoft Web site.

More information
For additional information and help please refer to:"

The next error came up during the actual Team Foundation Server installation process.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server Setup
Error 29109.Team Foundation Report Server Configuration: SQL Reporting Services configuration encountered an unknown error. Verify that you have sufficient permissions to configure SQL Reporting Services, and try again.
Retry Cancel

And the entry in the installation log was the following

TFRSConfig - Team Foundation Server Reporting Services Configuration Tool
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Connecting to SQL Server Reporting Services. Please wait...
Invalid namespace
Querying the following Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) path: IIS://DATASERVERNAME/W3SVC.
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80070005): Access is denied.

at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry.Bind(Boolean throwIfFail)
at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry.Bind()
at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry.get_IsContainer()
at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntries.ChildEnumerator..ctor(DirectoryEntry container)
at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntries.GetEnumerator()
at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Admin.ReportingServices.WebSiteFinder.FindBestMatch(Uri searchUri)
at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Admin.ReportingServices.InputArgs.EnsureIISSettings()
at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Admin.ReportingServices.ReportingServicesConfigurator.Run()
at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Admin.ReportingServices.Program.Main(String args)

Configuring SQL Server Reporting Services failed.

04/07/09 16:56:06 DDSet_Status: Process returned 2519
04/07/09 16:56:06 DDSet_Status: Found the matching error code for return value '2519' and it is: '29109'
04/07/09 16:56:06 DDSet_Error: 2519
MSI (s) (A4!B8) [08:44:23:998]: Product: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server - ENU -- Error 29109.Team Foundation Report Server Configuration: SQL Reporting Services configuration encountered an unknown error. Verify that you have sufficient permissions to configure SQL Reporting Services, and try again.

04/08/09 08:44:23 DDSet_Status: Commandline: "d:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\Tools\TFRSConfig.exe" /setup /install /s "DATASERVERNAME" /u "NT Authority\NetworkService" /buildInIdentity /l "1033" /verify /ignoreExistingIISArtifacts /instancename "MSSQLSERVER" /appPoolName "Classic .NET AppPool" /reportServerUri "http://DATASERVERNAME/ReportServer" /reportManagerUri "http://DATASERVERNAME/Reports" /h "DATASERVERNAME"

And this is where we got stuck. We tried pretty much every solution we could find. Every possible account was given every possible permission on the data tier machine, the reporting services were perfectly accessible from the application tier machine, I could log on to the data tier machine from every account used in the TFS installation and configure Reporting Services if I wished to, but the error still did not go away.

I have to say that we are now stuck at this point.
There's couple options I can see - first, completely rebuild the application tier machine. Make sure everything is configured before we even start the installation, everything has access and permissions. Then try installing again. Second option could be to try and install the reporting services on the application tier. This would probably slow it down a bit. And another option is to try and make Microsoft fix the problem for us. We'll make a decision tomorrow.

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