Friday, April 10, 2009

TFS Disaster Update

The decision was made to log an issue with Microsoft with a low priority as the TFS is not in our production environment yet. The first response we received just in about 2 hours after logging the issue.
They were interested in the following information:

1. The installation log file;

2. Accounts used for the installation: the setup /TFS service/reports /SQL Service account. Please describe briefly about them and make sure they meet the requirements listed in the installation guide;

3. Did you follow the “prerequisites for Team Foundation Server” section to prepare for the installation? The "install SQL Server Reporting Service" section documents how to prepare reporting service. Per this doc one should not configure reporting service before TFS installation. Do you confirm this is consistent with your installation?

After that they promised to get back to us ASAP and still did not, a full business day after I provided all the required information. It's the Thursday before the Easter Friday though, so I did not hold my breath.

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